Create large volume of 20 second video promos for apps


We are looking for freelancers to create 20 second video promos for apps. There is a large volume of videos so we are looking for many freelancers. Please contact and include portfolio links and details.


Hello. I’m a freelance designer working mainly in Aftereffects. Here’s a the link to samples of my AE video work.

Let me know if you’re interested in working with me and what you have in mind for these videos.

Take care.



Sorry for not contacting you earlier but we are in the process of setting up this project. I have more details about this freelance work .The rate is $100/video with the possibility of 15-20 videos per month depending on quality and accuracy. Here are two samples of the types of video:

We need someone to produce the videos from start to finish either using a template or using transitions from the content we provide. We would provide the general idea for the content and screenshots for the app. Send me an e-mail if you would like to discuss more. Can you e-mail me instead of through this message board. I don’t check this forum as much. Thanks. Rebecca (

Rebecca Ratnam