Create items on demand

Hi every one. The question is, there is a place on Envato where is possible to understand what type of products customers search?

I think that customers typing some words when searching an item (on audio jungle for example) and they receive a tot number of reply.

If the author know this offer/demand rating could be a good idea to create specifc items that people demand.

There is “popular item” in the search field etc, but no any specifics market informations (for sound effects for example).

This could be help to create the right offer/demand rating.

It’s only my opinion. What you think about this?

Thanks, Davide.

I think that the big danger is that if we knew what buyers were looking for EVERYONE would submit these items which would over saturate the market in these areas. Take a look at the corporate category and you will see huge numbers of cloned tracks taken from the popular files list. The marketplace would not be diverse enough and not very exciting to shop since these clone tracks begin to sound the same in instrumentation, arrangement etc. Also there would be great tracks and ahem not so great tracks as authors clamour to “cash in”.

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Yes. I’m partially in accord with you. But my question was for to know if there is a place or a way in envato market that permit to study market. Not too much for creative items (like sound tracks for example) but more samples oriented. Samples are possible items on demand and i think it’s not bad if many authors create same items. Here i think that “only the stronger (and the best) survive” and this competition can be positive to create best items for customers. Competition is healthy.

But the question is just to know if there is a way or place to study market place.

Thanks for your reply!