Create another exclusive account for logos only

I have an account on envato … Can I have another account new and exclusive … Special design logos … Note that it will be a different mail but from the same computer !?

Yes I have that myself, one exclusive account and one non exclusive. Actually I have the same email for both.

Thank you, but I want the other to be exclusive too.Is this possible?

Yes, it’s allowed to have two exclusive accounts, recently I’ve received the answer from support.

Thank you Greenwindow .
But it must be a new mail .

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Remember, your commission % goes up with the amount you sell on an exclusive account. So you might want to think about having one account for everything.

Thank you ToivoMedia :+1:

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Yes I own one exclusive but I want another new design logos. I just wanted to know it was legal.

Really? Didn’t know that, thank you