Create Amazing Videos for Escape Rooms

I need help!

I need to find some amazing talent to help me create incredible videos for an Escape Room attraction. We provide scripts and concepts - and need the right talent to turn this into a compelling marketing video. We need impactful video elements, amazing voice-overs (by voice actors), sound effects, impressive transitions all put together to provide an amazing final product.

We have many videos (15+) waiting to be produced, but I haven’t found the right person/ group to work on them. I’ve spent hours watching dreadful video-reels from people on Fiverr and upWork, hoping there is some hidden talent here with no luck!

These are good sized projects - each consisting of a mission video (about 60 seconds w/ voiceover) and “movie trailer” video (about 90 seconds with a movie-like voiceover) 2 short, 30 second success/ fail videos (no voiceovers) and each room needs a poster and logo.

If this sounds interesting to you, let me know and we can discuss the specifics directly.


If you need music , address ) ) )

Hey John,

We might be able to help you out with the videos you need to produce, please let me know further details to hello [at]

Some video works:


Here are a couple examples of videos that we like. We would look for this type of video or better for the Mission Video.

We are really looking for someone we can work with to develop these with us, but we need a super creative person with some amazing creativity!

Sounds like fun - Glad to discuss the music production - feel free to message me. Best of luck with the project either way!

Hi, John!

We have some experience of working with escape rooms. So we can help you with music and sound effect for your project. Contact us via AJ or email tsgm.orders[at]