Create a website like 'Shoutcart'.

Hey guys, I want to create a platform like for albanian speakers, where I can connect brands with influencers. I will take care of the graphics and content, I just need to find something in envato that can build the backend. This platform should include a payment gateway, and all the stuff required to process transactions

You won’t find this out of the box.

That industry and type of network is a big money topic at the moment and there is a huge amount to going on behind the scenes and to consider such as security, hosting etc.

That’s all assuming you are not looking at provider/influencer opt-in whereby you would be pulling live data into search results or campaign dashboards.

Fyi - The big name versions (the example above has all sorts of questionable stuff on their site) charge thousands of $ a month to access their networks, so a (properly developed) network like this would easily be tens of thousands if not more just to setup let alone ongoing costs to run it.