Create a Powerpoint to Match My Website

I have the basic outline and I have the basic look and feel I want, I just need someone to create the design for me - the website is and I am after simplistic white background, thin text, relevant pictures (I can provide or we can use pexels) some of the outline is as follows -

  1. Introduction
    We offer a live web broadcasting platform that increases retention and engagement resulting in better ROI for you and greater value for your viewers.
    If you’re looking for something new and different in your virtual presentations, you’ve come to the right place.
    1. Who is Xyvid - Cool Colored Background Picture
      a. Engagement and Return on Investment
      b. Enterprise Web 2.0 Broadcasting Platform
      c. Full Scale Production Company
    2. Current Customers Logos - 4 Boxes of Logos
      a. Pharma Slide
      b. Insurance and Finance
      c. Technology
      d. Retail
    3. Methods to Engage - Pictures of Production and Someone Sitting at a Computer
      a. Full Service
      b. Self-Serve
    4. What Makes Us Different
      a. Engagement
      b. Platform
      c. Production
    5. Registration - Examples
      a. Custom Registration
      b. Company Microsite
    6. Event Creation - Screen Shots
      a. Simple Entry
      b. Full Featured
    7. Event Control - Exploded View with Balloons
      a. Host Control
      b. Q&A
      c. Tech Support

Pretty simple - total slides is about 15 - can use a template - to give you an idea, I liked “company Pitch Powerpoint” in Envato, want to try and keep it along the lines of our website -

Looking for examples of your work and possible pricing -

Have you browsed the Powerpoint customization providers on Envato Studio? Lots of great options there :smiley: