Create a Habbo Fansite theme

I want to create a website that is very similar to HabboCreate.

The website needs to link up to, Users of Habbo can log into our sites and link their profile.

In the website this needs to include:

  • Login System
  • Notification System
  • Messaging system
  • Admin Panel

The Tabs on the website should show:

On the homepage it should show:

  • Header – Which includes the website name.
  • Latest Badge Guides.
  • A poll on the side
  • News underneath the poll
  • Footer – Which includes Staff of the month and user of the month. Whilst also showing members currently online on the website

To match what we have requested we would, of course, need an admin panel to match these settings. But are willing to go into further detail with that if you understand what we are currently looking for.

Though we used HabboCreate as a reference we don’t have that exact design, we need something with the same kind of features but with a more “elite” and playful design with the features we want and need and not the ones that are not so important to us

Thank you for your interest!

You won’t get that out of the box.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look on for vetted freelancers to hire to help but even then this is a fairly substantial and one that is prob better suited to an agency (esp. if you have not got a concrete design even).

How can you think that Habbo users login to your site? Do you have list of users with their username and passwords?