CPU power


Greetings to everyone! I have AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and 2 Gb RAM PC. Does anybody have similar configuration? How do you mix on it? For example, when i load four+ instruments in kontakt everything goes to noisy stuttering slowmotion and i have to bounce mixdown everytime and listen separately , then go back to project to make some changes. Is there any trick besides freezing tracks or bying new cpu? How many tracks do you have in your project (midi, audio)? i have about 25 each time.


Sorry for being straight, but you really start to save money for a new PC if you are serious about music production. Especially RAM. 2 GB is not enough now even for comfort OS browsing. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Even cheapest Core i3 of new generation will be several times faster then your current one.


Yes, you are a bit underpowered both in regards to cpu and ram. I not sure how it is today, but earlier AMD processors wasnt as good for music production as Intel. And as Enrize mentioned, 2 Gb isn’t much by todays standard. Which DAW are you using and which harddrive? Do you use the same harddrive for samples, systemdrive and audio?


I use Studio One and it is on external HDD , with all the samples, plugins etc.


Well, there are a few things, which you can do in Kontakt, like purge samples, update sample pool etc.
Also, I had problems with external HDDs, even fast ones, but not SSD. So, check out the reading speed. But in general, I think, problem is lack of RAM…


You should have Studio One and plugins on the internal drive and the samples on the external, if its 7200 rpm or faster.


the bad thing is that hdd is too small for plugins , but ill try to put daw on it. thanks for the response.


speed is 7200. but on studio one monitor it shows cpu overload, ram is not fully used according to it, so i dont even know is cpu the bigger problem or ram.


Ahh, I forgot! Are you using external audio interface? Cause if not, CPU may be problem too…


A nearly full harddrive could be another part of the problem.


No. Hands down. I need to steal somewhere a new CPU then. :smiling_imp:


I have to agree with the others here and say that apart from anything else, ram seems like the biggest problem you have! If you add more ram you will need to start looking at OS and motherboard etc to see if it can handle it, in other words it may not be just a simple solution of adding more ram. Sorry :frowning: but generally they are usually the hard facts.

Hope it helps. On a side note though, if you can try freezing VST’s or bouncing them as audio…then that should free up some memory. Also…you should have your Daw on your main C drive and sample on others.


If you’re on low budget, try search for second hand parts. You can make some sound effects and logos with your current setup if you can’t work on a full tracks right now and earn money on new hardware


Really good idea. I shall try that. Thanks.


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile: Good luck, hope it works out.


thanks, i hope too, or else ill turn to criminal :slight_smile:


Just keep up good work and save money for new PC . :wink:
Long time ago I actually started to make royalty free music with Ableton Live Lite, which I got with my Focusrite interface and free plugs and samples. As I remember, there was a limit of 8 tracks, so I had to do a lot of freezing. :slight_smile: But then only with earned money I bought Live suite, NI Komplete and a lot of other stuff. AJ can help you with that!
Good luck!


thank you for encouraging words.


I can advise you one thing. It could help if you’re well experienced or if you are over motivated to earn some money to buy new PC.
So I’m talking about Wave files. You can always render the Wav’s of the instruments you need. It will save your PC’s resourses for shure!
For example. I need to record some staccatos for my cinematic item. What should I do now? I open Kontakt in my current project and work on that staccatos (timbre, velocity etc). Then I just render the wave file of it and remove Kontakt from the project I work on and re-open my DAW to reset overloaded RAM. If my project is already overloaded before staccato stage, then I need to create a new one for staccatos as well as I need to render Wave file of the project I work on (if there’s something to render).
This technique can be used in several variations, maybe it will help you.


спасибо за совет! :slight_smile: I thought about something like that. But its kind of hard when you mix and want to make some ajustments to velocity or change the timbre. As you said, expirience is important here.