Coursector fatal error

Hello, I already submitted this ticket a few hours ago and it was closed asking to extend my support to be able to provide any help. However, I don’t think it’s logical to pay 40 euros in order to get assistance without even knowing if you’re capable of fixing the issue… an issue that has been going on for months now. I’ll repost my ticket again in hopes that I can at least get a clearer answer, whether this is something that you can fix or not. URL and screenshots were also provided to check the issue, but will leave the URL of one of the problematic courses again at the end of this note:

Ever since the latest Coursector update, Coursector and Learnpress are not working well together. All of a sudden, a lot of changes made to the website were missing and the layout of every single course is off and impossible to use. Students haven’t been able to access their course as we couldn’t avoid updating Learnpress (to avoid the issue) any longer.

This came as a shock as the last thing we expected was for the problem to be coming from your theme, developed and sold with Learnpress as a package.

We need to know if this is a problem that can be solved or do we need to ask for a refund and start using a different theme.

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately you will not get theme specific answers in these general forums.

Given how experienced and highly respected @ThemeGoods are, it seems unlikely that they would not rectify a major flaw within any of their themes.

Are you using the latest copy of the theme/Wordpress/Learnpress etc? If not then testing this on a staging version should be the first step.

The author asking for support to be extended is reasonable. If you were to do rust and then they couldn’t fox the issue then I would expect you to be able to refund it.

You will not be able to refund a purchase over the initial 6 months period.

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