Course refresh in WPLMS takes me back to the previous quiz

I’m using WPLMS theme updated version 3.9. I’m facing an issue with course refresh. I’m taking the course and I have complete the course unit successfully I have got passing marks on the quiz. I reached into unit 4.2.4 but I refreshed the unit. but after the refresh, it will show me the previous quiz which I already passed. I can see the passing marks of that quiz in check results. I have passed this quiz already then why did I come to this quiz after refresh

I want when I refresh the course on any unit it will be on the same unit after refresh.

Have a look at the attached video I have passed this quiz and I have got 3 marks on this quiz which is equal to passing marks of this quiz but when I refresh the course on unit 4.2.4 it will show this quiz page which I have already passed.

Video Link 2021-09-03_21-38-54.mp4 |
Please fix this issue ASAP

Is this the theme that you’re referring to?

If so, they have their own support system that you can find here.

For specific item support you should always contact the author of it.