Couple rejections. Need tips and advices?

Hello everyone, i am working on real estate flyer over a month. Some of my items approved. But still i got rejections on my latest items. So here is my question: I can’t understand the differences beetwen my approved items and rejected ones. In the end i make them with same mentality and goals. I hope you guys show me my mistakes.

Blue Gold

hi :slight_smile: well indeed for me the yellow-orange one is waaaaaayyy better than the other ones, though this is not perfect. Basically the other too are really too flat in a general way, especially the last one … i personally do not see any graphic design work in the concerned one , not to mention that u are violating almost every single basic design principles … texts cannot be read , there is nothing popping out at all and u have a very major contrast issue which basically means that the document is almost impossible to use

for the first one, u have a different issue indeed, all the dividers are not having the same size and most of the texts are too thin and not much visible, laos due to te colors u used. The hierarchy is way better , though the global typo is really basic and far from what is expected here … the effect on preview photos under “for sale” is not working according to me…

finally the moon real estate is much more creative and harmonious, i raher like it indeed but quite frankly the “fake logo” that u are using is super flat and not selling your job …the text in the brush should be turned in white color to make it pop out, especially as white is always popping out more once printed than on the screen. The “for sale” (not on sale if i am not wrong)should be curved and follow the brush if u really want to use it (not sure it makes so much sense as regard as u have it and have it way more visible in the document …). For the feature , u should find a way to make it a bit more “interesting”, like introducing some pastel color into it, or something … In any case u have a cool base to work with