Country/state options not appearing after selected, in Avada theme

Without updating anything in my Avada theme, the country and state down-down menu options in the GiveWP plugin no longer appear once selected. The selection is made – the State option will change to whatever country you select – but you just can’t see it.

GiveWP claims this is an issue with the theme. I don’t really want to change the theme so I’m looking for help on how to fix the visibility of the country/state selections, probably with a CSS snippet.

Any thoughts or help?


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion @ThemeFusion_Support hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thank you. Do you mean, contact them here?

You can ask your question right here as a comments hope they will helped!

Awesome, thank you for the assistance!

Hello @ThemeFusion and @ThemeFusion_Support! Is there a known issue with the Avada theme and the GiveWP plugin, wherein the country and state drop-down menu selections don’t appear? I’ve been working with GiveWP support for two days and they claim it’s a theme issue, even though there haven’t been any updates to theme in the past week that would suddenly render these field selections to be invisible.

Here’s the form:

Once you click “donate” the rest of the form opens up (you don’t actually donate just by clicking that button, there’s more info below that).

Any help would be great.

Hi @texashospitals

Have you contacted our support here? >

What is your support username? I do not see > texashospitals - anywhere in our system, it shows you joined up on Envato and hour ago?

Thank you kindly

Thanks for the follow-up, @ThemeFusion_Support. GiveWP support claims it’s a theme issue that’s blocking the selection visibility, which is how I found myself here. EDIT (reading the clarity): I’m unable to locate a proper login for ThemeFusion.

As for my ThemeFusion support username? I purchased the theme in 2013 and handed it over to a third party for installation and site management, and we reclaimed the site management back from them over the summer. I have no functional login for Envato (no email address I try is recognized, nor the email address of other pertinent employees) and so this is ThemeForest login, where I purchased the theme.

Hi @texashospitals

Send an email to and include your theme purchase code, we will help you from there and get you set up.

Thanks again

Thank you, @ThemeFusion_Support. I’ve sent an email to with the information I have.

crosses all fingers

@ThemeFusion_Support, alas, no response yet. I don’t have a purchase code, just an invoice number, which I supplied. I’ll keep waiting.

@ThemeFusion_Support will need the purchase code -

As per above you mentioned that you had the themeforest login so:

  • login to themeforest

  • go to your download page (

  • click the download button

  • choose all files including purchase code

Full instructions are here

With this you may even be able to create a login on the authors support too

@charlie4282, thank you! I found my purchase code. :slight_smile: … of course, since I purchased the themes so long ago, my support has expired. I wonder if they’ll still help me out.

@texashospitals Thank you for your email, we have replied and a member of our team will be assisting you.

Fantastic! Thank you so much :smiley: