Counting the number of tags

Sometimes when I adding tags it is turns out more than 30.

And then I have to to count the number of tags manually to be exactly 30.

I think the ability to automatically count the number of tags will be very convenient and useful for all the authors of Envato. Thank you!


Yeah, it would be a great feature but for now Iā€™m using MS Word which automatically counts words.

Totally agree
It would a great time saver feature!

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or you can use online tool like this:

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Yes! I was thinking about the same improvement. It would be very useful.

How to make our dreams come true? :slight_smile:

Agree, would be useful. Kind of tired of counting the tags each time :smiley:

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Definitely useful. Right now I use when I check my tags list before adding it.

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Yes, agree. I think this will be a great improvement!