Countdown timer needed for next day delivery

Hi, i need a countdown timer for customers so they can see until what time they can order so they can have next day delivery. The next day the timer should reset again. Is that possible?

People can order till 12 am for next day delivery. The counter is counting down till 12 am. Then it should stop. After 00:00 it should start again for the next day. The best would be if i can make an exception for Sunday when i am closed.

Example timer: You have still 3 hours, 25 minutes, 12 seconds for next day delivery

Hope anyone can help me in the right direction!

Cheers, Maarten

The countdown you want in CMS or html template? You can get countdown plugins for wordpress in here. The script for countdown available and a lot of, you can research a round on google to find a script fit with the request.

Hi, thanks for replying
Well, i need one that is on top of my page. And it has to reset every day. I searched a lot for it on google, plugin database and envato like you mentioned but just cant find it…

I still don’t know you want use it in CMS or html template, it’ll have difficult if you don’t have knowledge basic with code.


CMS. Wordpress and Woocommerce is running. Ill contact some of the countdown plugin builders

If you need help, let’s contact me, I can help you do it with low cost, my email: outsource[at]

Can i obtain this plugin?