countdown in Claue template

trying to remember where in wordpress i need to modify product so it works on countdown item in claue

Hi @bestfitbybrazil,

Welcome to the forums! You would get quicker response by asking the same question to theme author directly. Please header over to purchased item page and use either “Support” or “Comments” section:


@bestfitbybrazil we replied you on email. please check.

JanStudio Team

I tried to regenerate thumbnails but can’t find where to do this. I already have plugin and it’s supposed to be in media drop down menu but the item generate plugin isn’t in dropdown list.

You didn’t say what was wrong with photo sizing…how did you fix that so I understand if it happens again? Thx

I replied you on email please follow the email.

Ok I figured that out. Now what’s causing the word “Freddie WR up shaping effect…” to run over the other product it’s not wrapping for some reason?

This template is really glitchy. Now when I click featured, sales or top rate items they don’t show up and titles shift to left. The only one that works is bestseller


The issue because you enable slider while you set number of product per page = number of column so the slider be conflict, please set number per page larger than number of column.

Could you please reply on our email. so we can easy track your issue.


Try to respond in the form but can’t remember my password and login and doesn’t seem to send my reset

The other thing that I had an issue with was how to make adjustments for mobile devices of what shows how many columns etc. for the general Layouts

Ok finally fixed acct so I can log in. Any help with the mobile device question? Thx