Could you please tell me why my track was rejected?

could anyone tell the rejection reason of this track please?

Beautiful track. Especially the chords around 1:11. I have a few thoughts on it however, that I think are the reasons for it being rejected.

Don’t worry though; you’re not far off it being accepted…

Here’s what I noticed that perhaps the reviewer didn’t like:

  • The change at 0:50, while still within key, seems a bit too strong. Try and work your way into this transition more smoothly (reverse cymbals, string swells, etc).

  • The guitar motif at 1:19 is too loud and not particularly gelling with the rest of the track, in my opinion.

  • The track then quickly changes back to its more idle mood at 1:20+. You’d probably fare better in the review process if you made this track slowly develop over time in a more linear way to reach the climax point, and when it does reach that part, have it play for longer. The chorus section just feels rushed and almost out of place.

Other than that, it’s hard to fault. Don’t give up on this one. I’m sure it’ll be approved with some changes made.

Hope that helps!

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I agree with @AurusAudio on a few things:

  1. Your track is beautiful. Very nicely composed and mixed.
  2. The chords at 1:11 are very nice.
  3. The guitar motif at 1:19 isn’t working, in my opinion.
  4. The song builds to the nice section between :50 and 1:18 with the chords and strings/pad, and this works well. However, I think that section should be featured longer. In my opinion, returning to the quieter mood is fine, but should happen later, after lengthening that section between :50 and 1:18. This section is the climax, and it works well. I think it should be a bigger/longer part of your track.

I don’t have a real problem with the change at :50. If I were nitpicking, maybe the level of the strings / pad could be brought down a little.

I’m a video editor, and if I came across this track I would find a use for it in projects, but I could see the abbreviated section I mentioned in #4 above as being an obstacle. It would be more appealing if this section were longer so it gives me more options when I’m using it with video work.

Your track would be a great addition to AudioJungle. I hope you’re able to get it approved.

I am in phase with what has been said above.

Really nice nice track, but yes, to my ears:

  • 0:50: the change is a bit too brutal, I would need something to help make the transition (rev cymbal for me please :slight_smile: )
  • 1:19: this is the “ouch” point for me, the rest is nitpicking, but this one is a showstopper: there are just a few notes with this timber and loudness, I don’t know if this is intentional, but I think this is the main rejection point.
  • the ending is a bit long to me, from 1:35 to the end, if is like a very very long fade out, and constrasts with the relative short length of the main part.

I am pretty sure that you are very close to the approval here, good luck!

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