Could you give me feedback for this poker logo please

Could you give me feedback for this poker logo, from recent feedback I tried to implement color balance as the colors are complementary. And also I tried my best regarding Ilustration and shapes.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you

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i like it, i like the initial idea but the thing is that u have made a collection of mistakes that are “ruining” what u have created … first of all the typo is not matching super well with the illustration and this is already much of a problem, but, in addition, u have a really huge discrepancy between the illustration and the text part, which basically makes the illustration prevail really too much over the the text. This is not a good idea in terms of branding in the first place but this is also bringing some sort of hierarchy problem to the table in the process and this is deteriorating a bit the final result when it comes to aesthetics too. and a big issue is that u have violated once again the contrast thing, and thus broken the basic design principle . Look if u want your logo to have an impact, u must make sure that this is springing out of the background , this is not only visible but also really outstanding … when u use colors for the logo that are too close from those of the background , u flatten everything and make it easy for people to react your work …


this is but it can still be improved somehow some way , too … but the concept is good


u have created some banners more or less related to this site …

Wow, I love what you did, most of all I liked the design of the third

Looks good.

Nice attempt. :+1: