Could you give me feedback for this logo please

Could you give me feedback for this logo please.

Highly appreciated

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hi Jake
i do not remember what this is all about , but this chameleon looks very familiar to me, this may thus be an issue … but the thing is that once again , the typo part is not really convincing , this is globally not incredibly matching well in the first place but as u did not add any tagline, there is a lack of variation and font combination and the thing looks flat in the end … in addition, let’s face it , color combinations are really far from looking greta at this stage, u should think about complementary colors and shades of the same color. Judging by the preview also , it very much looks like that u have been using rob colors, which is not done and finally, once again , u have a real issue to deal with when it comes to proportion between text and illustration and the fact of the matter is that once again, the illustration is too prominent over the text part

Thank you for you feedback I took inspiration from others authors which their work was approved even the background color, The style or presentation as well. I have also used complimentary colors I tried by best with color balance, what I should improve regarding colors??
Regarding typography I see many logos on the market with only one font combo for example OpenSans do you think this might work better??
Thank you
As I mention I am new in Graphic design not even 1 year of experience so I really need some advise how to get better.
Your reply is much appreciated
Thank you.

hi jake, well if u did , i am sorry to say just this but u partly failed to do properly , otherwise i would not have mentioned what i mentioned , look for complementary colors for instance and u will understand what i am talking about , no doubt about it …
for your logo open sans and things like this are not a bad choice … but the thing is that this is flat , even if clean , this is flat , a lot of guys do this in addition …
when it comes to how getting better , well i will provide u with two types of answers … LOL
1- work, work, work and work again … be obsessed with what u do , focus on quality , experiment a lot , have a look at a whole lot of things for inspiration
2- always try to further develop your skills with illustrator and photoshop, use tuts a lot … i would recommend that piximperfect in youtube to develop your photoshop proficiency …