Could you give me a feedback on this rejected track?

Hi guys!

My track has been rejected for quality standards, I’d like to know, if you can help me, if you think is about the composition or the mix/master.

I’d like to improve and understand what could be the problem in your opinion.
Here the link:

The track has a very abstract mood. I don’t feel the idea in melody and arrangement.

What about mix and master? You think is more about the composition it self?

For me, the track sounds right and clean. work on the idea.

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Hi @BeatLeasing. Drum work is cool, but melodies and chords not quite… Mix/master isn’t the problem for rejection… I agree with @EvgenM, you should work more on idea and arrangement.

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Thank you so much guys for the feedback!!!
This was my first submission, I have different beat that I’ll propose soon.

Do you have any further advice on Hip Hop tracks for Audio Jungle?
I have many classic beat as well, but they’re fool of samples so I prefer not to risk even if I see so many samples beat on AudioJungle

If you mean on samples from some tracks then do not submit. Maybe someone with more experience with hiphop category can tell you more…