Could you confirm if these bitmap font files work with cocos2d


Hi everyone
i signed a couple days ago in envato market and i looked for a bitmap fonts ready to use but i found it nearly impossible to get a very good bitmap font for your game or app beside alot problems of compatibility with so many platforms(Unity3D, starling, cocos2d,…),so i decided to sell a bitmap fonts,i have tons of styles and with many different family fonts, i used many applications to achieve good results:
1- Bitmap Font Generator
2- adobe photoshop
3- ShoeBox
and others
I confirmed my self that the .fnt files(XML) specifications is working very well with Unity3d and starling but i need some feedback to confirm if it work with cocos2d because i don’t have MAC.

i cant upload the fnt file so i will past the description here, so you have to save it with fnt extention and test with attached file, thank you in advance:

info font="Cambria" size=144 bold=0 italic=0 charset="" unicode=0 stretchH=100 smooth=1 aa=1 padding=2,2,2,2 spacing=2,2
common lineHeight=225 base=182 scaleW=1024 scaleH=1024 pages=1 packed=0
page id=0 file="01.png"
chars count=53
char id=106 x=2 y=2 width=49 height=182 xoffset=6 yoffset=47 xadvance=51 page=0 chnl=0 letter="j"
char id=81 x=53 y=2 width=128 height=180 xoffset=17 yoffset=43 xadvance=125 page=0 chnl=0 letter="Q"
char id=74 x=183 y=2 width=61 height=179 xoffset=9 yoffset=45 xadvance=59 page=0 chnl=0 letter="J"
char id=100 x=246 y=2 width=105 height=150 xoffset=16 yoffset=39 xadvance=107 page=0 chnl=0 letter="d"
char id=98 x=353 y=2 width=105 height=150 xoffset=11 yoffset=39 xadvance=105 page=0 chnl=0 letter="b"
char id=107 x=460 y=2 width=110 height=149 xoffset=12 yoffset=39 xadvance=101 page=0 chnl=0 letter="k"
char id=104 x=572 y=2 width=108 height=149 xoffset=12 yoffset=39 xadvance=106 page=0 chnl=0 letter="h"
char id=102 x=682 y=2 width=77 height=149 xoffset=14 yoffset=39 xadvance=58 page=0 chnl=0 letter="f"
char id=108 x=761 y=2 width=53 height=149 xoffset=12 yoffset=39 xadvance=52 page=0 chnl=0 letter="l"
char id=103 x=816 y=2 width=102 height=148 xoffset=12 yoffset=81 xadvance=95 page=0 chnl=0 letter="g"
char id=112 x=2 y=186 width=105 height=146 xoffset=12 yoffset=81 xadvance=107 page=0 chnl=0 letter="p"
char id=113 x=109 y=186 width=104 height=146 xoffset=16 yoffset=81 xadvance=105 page=0 chnl=0 letter="q"
char id=79 x=215 y=186 width=118 height=145 xoffset=17 yoffset=43 xadvance=125 page=0 chnl=0 letter="O"
char id=83 x=335 y=186 width=90 height=145 xoffset=17 yoffset=43 xadvance=95 page=0 chnl=0 letter="S"
char id=121 x=427 y=186 width=110 height=145 xoffset=8 yoffset=83 xadvance=97 page=0 chnl=0 letter="y"
char id=71 x=539 y=186 width=114 height=145 xoffset=17 yoffset=43 xadvance=117 page=0 chnl=0 letter="G"
char id=67 x=655 y=186 width=101 height=145 xoffset=17 yoffset=43 xadvance=108 page=0 chnl=0 letter="C"
char id=65 x=758 y=186 width=132 height=144 xoffset=7 yoffset=43 xadvance=120 page=0 chnl=0 letter="A"
char id=86 x=892 y=186 width=128 height=144 xoffset=8 yoffset=45 xadvance=116 page=0 chnl=0 letter="V"
char id=85 x=2 y=334 width=122 height=144 xoffset=14 yoffset=45 xadvance=124 page=0 chnl=0 letter="U"
char id=87 x=126 y=334 width=189 height=143 xoffset=8 yoffset=45 xadvance=177 page=0 chnl=0 letter="W"
char id=78 x=317 y=334 width=124 height=143 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=131 page=0 chnl=0 letter="N"
char id=73 x=443 y=334 width=54 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=62 page=0 chnl=0 letter="I"
char id=72 x=499 y=334 width=124 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=132 page=0 chnl=0 letter="H"
char id=70 x=625 y=334 width=100 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=103 page=0 chnl=0 letter="F"
char id=75 x=727 y=334 width=124 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=121 page=0 chnl=0 letter="K"
char id=66 x=853 y=334 width=109 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=117 page=0 chnl=0 letter="B"
char id=69 x=2 y=480 width=103 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=110 page=0 chnl=0 letter="E"
char id=68 x=107 y=480 width=119 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=127 page=0 chnl=0 letter="D"
char id=84 x=228 y=480 width=116 height=142 xoffset=12 yoffset=45 xadvance=114 page=0 chnl=0 letter="T"
char id=82 x=346 y=480 width=122 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=119 page=0 chnl=0 letter="R"
char id=80 x=470 y=480 width=104 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=109 page=0 chnl=0 letter="P"
char id=88 x=576 y=480 width=120 height=142 xoffset=8 yoffset=45 xadvance=110 page=0 chnl=0 letter="X"
char id=89 x=698 y=480 width=123 height=142 xoffset=8 yoffset=45 xadvance=110 page=0 chnl=0 letter="Y"
char id=90 x=823 y=480 width=101 height=142 xoffset=15 yoffset=45 xadvance=103 page=0 chnl=0 letter="Z"
char id=76 x=2 y=624 width=101 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=103 page=0 chnl=0 letter="L"
char id=77 x=105 y=624 width=149 height=142 xoffset=17 yoffset=45 xadvance=157 page=0 chnl=0 letter="M"
char id=105 x=256 y=624 width=53 height=141 xoffset=14 yoffset=47 xadvance=53 page=0 chnl=0 letter="i"
char id=116 x=311 y=624 width=77 height=129 xoffset=9 yoffset=60 xadvance=65 page=0 chnl=0 letter="t"
char id=115 x=390 y=624 width=79 height=107 xoffset=15 yoffset=81 xadvance=83 page=0 chnl=0 letter="s"
char id=97 x=471 y=624 width=95 height=107 xoffset=14 yoffset=81 xadvance=94 page=0 chnl=0 letter="a"
char id=101 x=568 y=624 width=91 height=107 xoffset=16 yoffset=81 xadvance=94 page=0 chnl=0 letter="e"
char id=99 x=661 y=624 width=84 height=107 xoffset=16 yoffset=81 xadvance=85 page=0 chnl=0 letter="c"
char id=111 x=747 y=624 width=97 height=107 xoffset=16 yoffset=81 xadvance=102 page=0 chnl=0 letter="o"
char id=110 x=846 y=624 width=107 height=106 xoffset=14 yoffset=81 xadvance=107 page=0 chnl=0 letter="n"
char id=117 x=2 y=768 width=107 height=106 xoffset=12 yoffset=83 xadvance=106 page=0 chnl=0 letter="u"
char id=114 x=111 y=768 width=83 height=106 xoffset=14 yoffset=81 xadvance=79 page=0 chnl=0 letter="r"
char id=109 x=196 y=768 width=160 height=106 xoffset=14 yoffset=81 xadvance=160 page=0 chnl=0 letter="m"
char id=118 x=358 y=768 width=110 height=105 xoffset=8 yoffset=83 xadvance=97 page=0 chnl=0 letter="v"
char id=119 x=470 y=768 width=160 height=105 xoffset=9 yoffset=83 xadvance=149 page=0 chnl=0 letter="w"
char id=122 x=632 y=768 width=87 height=104 xoffset=14 yoffset=83 xadvance=87 page=0 chnl=0 letter="z"
char id=120 x=721 y=768 width=103 height=104 xoffset=8 yoffset=83 xadvance=93 page=0 chnl=0 letter="x"
char id=32 x=0 y=0 width=0 height=0 xoffset=0 yoffset=0 xadvance=42 page=0 chnl=0 letter="space"
kernings count=373
kerning first=106 second=118 amount=-2
kerning first=106 second=121 amount=-2
kerning first=81 second=65 amount=-6
kerning first=81 second=84 amount=-3
kerning first=81 second=86 amount=-3
kerning first=81 second=88 amount=-4
kerning first=81 second=89 amount=-4
kerning first=81 second=90 amount=-4
kerning first=74 second=65 amount=-4
kerning first=100 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=100 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=100 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=98 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=98 second=120 amount=-3
kerning first=98 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=98 amount=-2
kerning first=107 second=99 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=100 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=101 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=111 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=113 amount=-3
kerning first=107 second=117 amount=-2
kerning first=104 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=104 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=104 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=102 second=97 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=99 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=100 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=101 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=103 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=111 amount=-2
kerning first=102 second=113 amount=-2
kerning first=108 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=108 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=108 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=103 second=97 amount=-2
kerning first=112 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=112 second=120 amount=-3
kerning first=112 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=113 second=118 amount=-2
kerning first=113 second=121 amount=-2
kerning first=79 second=65 amount=-6
kerning first=79 second=84 amount=-3
kerning first=79 second=86 amount=-3
kerning first=79 second=88 amount=-4
kerning first=79 second=89 amount=-4
kerning first=79 second=90 amount=-4
kerning first=83 second=65 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=84 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=86 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=88 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=89 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=83 second=119 amount=-2
kerning first=83 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=97 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=103 amount=-3
kerning first=121 second=104 amount=-2
kerning first=121 second=107 amount=-2
kerning first=121 second=108 amount=-2
kerning first=121 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=121 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=71 second=84 amount=-3
kerning first=71 second=86 amount=-2
kerning first=71 second=89 amount=-4
kerning first=71 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=71 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=67 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=67 second=119 amount=-2
kerning first=67 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=67 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=71 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=74 amount=-2
kerning first=65 second=79 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=81 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=83 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=84 amount=-11
kerning first=65 second=85 amount=-4
kerning first=65 second=86 amount=-11
kerning first=65 second=87 amount=-8
kerning first=65 second=89 amount=-14
kerning first=65 second=116 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=117 amount=-3
kerning first=65 second=118 amount=-8
kerning first=65 second=119 amount=-6
kerning first=65 second=121 amount=-8
kerning first=86 second=65 amount=-16
kerning first=86 second=67 amount=-6
kerning first=86 second=71 amount=-6
kerning first=86 second=79 amount=-6
kerning first=86 second=81 amount=-6
kerning first=86 second=83 amount=-3
kerning first=86 second=97 amount=-11
kerning first=86 second=99 amount=-13
kerning first=86 second=100 amount=-13
kerning first=86 second=101 amount=-13
kerning first=86 second=102 amount=-4
kerning first=86 second=103 amount=-10
kerning first=86 second=109 amount=-7
kerning first=86 second=110 amount=-7
kerning first=86 second=111 amount=-13
kerning first=86 second=112 amount=-7
kerning first=86 second=113 amount=-13
kerning first=86 second=114 amount=-7
kerning first=86 second=115 amount=-9
kerning first=86 second=116 amount=-4
kerning first=86 second=117 amount=-11
kerning first=86 second=118 amount=-8
kerning first=86 second=119 amount=-8
kerning first=86 second=120 amount=-9
kerning first=86 second=121 amount=-8
kerning first=86 second=122 amount=-10
kerning first=85 second=65 amount=-7
kerning first=85 second=88 amount=-3
kerning first=85 second=97 amount=-2
kerning first=87 second=65 amount=-14
kerning first=87 second=67 amount=-4
kerning first=87 second=71 amount=-4
kerning first=87 second=79 amount=-4
kerning first=87 second=81 amount=-4
kerning first=87 second=97 amount=-8
kerning first=87 second=99 amount=-11
kerning first=87 second=100 amount=-11
kerning first=87 second=101 amount=-11
kerning first=87 second=102 amount=-3
kerning first=87 second=103 amount=-8
kerning first=87 second=109 amount=-5
kerning first=87 second=110 amount=-5
kerning first=87 second=111 amount=-11
kerning first=87 second=112 amount=-4
kerning first=87 second=113 amount=-11
kerning first=87 second=114 amount=-5
kerning first=87 second=115 amount=-8
kerning first=87 second=116 amount=-2
kerning first=87 second=117 amount=-7
kerning first=87 second=118 amount=-6
kerning first=87 second=119 amount=-6
kerning first=87 second=120 amount=-6
kerning first=87 second=121 amount=-6
kerning first=87 second=122 amount=-6
kerning first=78 second=65 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=65 amount=-13
kerning first=70 second=97 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=99 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=100 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=101 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=103 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=109 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=110 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=111 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=112 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=113 amount=-7
kerning first=70 second=114 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=115 amount=-6
kerning first=70 second=117 amount=-3
kerning first=70 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=70 second=120 amount=-4
kerning first=70 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=70 second=122 amount=-5
kerning first=75 second=67 amount=-8
kerning first=75 second=71 amount=-8
kerning first=75 second=79 amount=-8
kerning first=75 second=81 amount=-8
kerning first=75 second=83 amount=-3
kerning first=75 second=85 amount=-3
kerning first=75 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=116 amount=-4
kerning first=75 second=117 amount=-6
kerning first=75 second=118 amount=-13
kerning first=75 second=119 amount=-10
kerning first=75 second=121 amount=-13
kerning first=66 second=65 amount=-2
kerning first=66 second=86 amount=-3
kerning first=66 second=88 amount=-2
kerning first=66 second=89 amount=-3
kerning first=66 second=118 amount=-2
kerning first=66 second=119 amount=-2
kerning first=66 second=121 amount=-2
kerning first=69 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=69 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=69 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=68 second=65 amount=-6
kerning first=68 second=84 amount=-3
kerning first=68 second=86 amount=-3
kerning first=68 second=88 amount=-4
kerning first=68 second=89 amount=-4
kerning first=68 second=90 amount=-4
kerning first=84 second=65 amount=-15
kerning first=84 second=67 amount=-3
kerning first=84 second=71 amount=-3
kerning first=84 second=79 amount=-3
kerning first=84 second=81 amount=-3
kerning first=84 second=97 amount=-15
kerning first=84 second=99 amount=-16
kerning first=84 second=100 amount=-16
kerning first=84 second=101 amount=-16
kerning first=84 second=102 amount=-3
kerning first=84 second=103 amount=-13
kerning first=84 second=109 amount=-7
kerning first=84 second=110 amount=-7
kerning first=84 second=111 amount=-16
kerning first=84 second=112 amount=-6
kerning first=84 second=113 amount=-16
kerning first=84 second=114 amount=-7
kerning first=84 second=115 amount=-12
kerning first=84 second=117 amount=-5
kerning first=84 second=118 amount=-5
kerning first=84 second=119 amount=-6
kerning first=84 second=120 amount=-7
kerning first=84 second=121 amount=-5
kerning first=84 second=122 amount=-9
kerning first=82 second=67 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=71 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=74 amount=-2
kerning first=82 second=79 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=81 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=83 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=84 amount=-6
kerning first=82 second=85 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=86 amount=-8
kerning first=82 second=87 amount=-6
kerning first=82 second=89 amount=-9
kerning first=82 second=99 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=100 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=101 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=103 amount=-2
kerning first=82 second=111 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=113 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=82 second=116 amount=-3
kerning first=82 second=117 amount=-4
kerning first=82 second=118 amount=-5
kerning first=82 second=119 amount=-2
kerning first=82 second=121 amount=-5
kerning first=82 second=122 amount=-2
kerning first=80 second=65 amount=-13
kerning first=80 second=97 amount=-4
kerning first=80 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=80 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=80 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=80 second=103 amount=-2
kerning first=80 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=80 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=67 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=71 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=79 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=81 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=83 amount=-2
kerning first=88 second=85 amount=-3
kerning first=88 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=112 amount=-2
kerning first=88 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=88 second=116 amount=-3
kerning first=88 second=117 amount=-4
kerning first=88 second=118 amount=-8
kerning first=88 second=119 amount=-7
kerning first=88 second=121 amount=-8
kerning first=89 second=65 amount=-20
kerning first=89 second=67 amount=-8
kerning first=89 second=71 amount=-8
kerning first=89 second=79 amount=-8
kerning first=89 second=81 amount=-8
kerning first=89 second=83 amount=-2
kerning first=89 second=97 amount=-14
kerning first=89 second=99 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=100 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=101 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=102 amount=-4
kerning first=89 second=103 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=109 amount=-11
kerning first=89 second=110 amount=-11
kerning first=89 second=111 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=112 amount=-10
kerning first=89 second=113 amount=-17
kerning first=89 second=114 amount=-11
kerning first=89 second=115 amount=-15
kerning first=89 second=116 amount=-4
kerning first=89 second=117 amount=-11
kerning first=89 second=118 amount=-12
kerning first=89 second=119 amount=-12
kerning first=89 second=120 amount=-12
kerning first=89 second=121 amount=-12
kerning first=89 second=122 amount=-13
kerning first=90 second=67 amount=-3
kerning first=90 second=71 amount=-3
kerning first=90 second=79 amount=-3
kerning first=90 second=81 amount=-3
kerning first=90 second=117 amount=-2
kerning first=90 second=118 amount=-7
kerning first=90 second=119 amount=-6
kerning first=90 second=121 amount=-7
kerning first=76 second=84 amount=-20
kerning first=76 second=85 amount=-5
kerning first=76 second=86 amount=-16
kerning first=76 second=87 amount=-11
kerning first=76 second=89 amount=-20
kerning first=76 second=118 amount=-7
kerning first=76 second=119 amount=-5
kerning first=76 second=121 amount=-7
kerning first=105 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=105 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=105 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=116 second=99 amount=-2
kerning first=116 second=100 amount=-2
kerning first=116 second=101 amount=-2
kerning first=116 second=111 amount=-2
kerning first=116 second=113 amount=-2
kerning first=97 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=97 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=97 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=101 second=118 amount=-2
kerning first=101 second=120 amount=-2
kerning first=101 second=121 amount=-2
kerning first=111 second=118 amount=-3
kerning first=111 second=120 amount=-3
kerning first=111 second=121 amount=-3
kerning first=110 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=110 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=110 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=117 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=117 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=117 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=114 second=97 amount=-3
kerning first=114 second=99 amount=-3
kerning first=114 second=100 amount=-3
kerning first=114 second=101 amount=-3
kerning first=114 second=111 amount=-3
kerning first=114 second=113 amount=-3
kerning first=109 second=118 amount=-4
kerning first=109 second=119 amount=-3
kerning first=109 second=121 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=97 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=103 amount=-3
kerning first=118 second=104 amount=-2
kerning first=118 second=107 amount=-2
kerning first=118 second=108 amount=-2
kerning first=118 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=118 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=97 amount=-4
kerning first=119 second=99 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=100 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=101 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=104 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=107 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=108 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=111 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=113 amount=-2
kerning first=119 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=120 second=97 amount=-3
kerning first=120 second=99 amount=-4
kerning first=120 second=100 amount=-4
kerning first=120 second=101 amount=-4
kerning first=120 second=103 amount=-2
kerning first=120 second=111 amount=-4
kerning first=120 second=113 amount=-4
kerning first=120 second=115 amount=-2
kerning first=120 second=117 amount=-3



hi , did u buy from here ? if so why don’t u try to contact the guy u bought from and ask him directly, i guess it would be easier indeed


Hi n2n44, and thanks for replying
no i didn’t buy it from here or anywhere, but as i mentioned above i need to know if these .fnt files with the formation i presented above will work also with cocos2d so i can sell a product i am sure its work so fine, i will wait also one or two days more and if i didnt get any feedback then i will present my product just for unity3d and starling


well indeed, i am not qualified to answer your questions, i wish i could have helped u but that’s not in my “expertise” lol


your replying for my first thread is a great feedback for a basic user as me.