Could you analyze that trend? What do you think?

Could you please analyze that trends and compare it to yours? I just don’t understand it…
The image shows trends from 2014-2020 and 2020, I have significally drops, my trends are decreasing year by year. This year is the worse.

Is it corona problem? Or maybe people and artist have switched to another websites?
What do you think? Should I also copy my items to shutterstock to get more customers?

This is my graphics since 2013 the trends are similar for me.
The trend is not a covid problem, it becomes before that but in 2020 covid 19 also affects in the las t months.
For me the logic until 2017 was: if I upload more videos I win more money, and it was true on 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
But since 2018 upload more video doesn´t mind to get more money.

I think there are multiple reasons, some of them:

  • there are much more contribuitors and videos than 3 years ago but the number of customers remains the same.
  • envato elements starts at the end of 2016 so part of the videohive customers move to elements (with a never ending and unfair campaing inside of videohive with banners and offers to move to elements)
  • maybe there are now more new webs and markets with similar items
    -this year the covid 19 situation