Could this be a copied work?

I was browsing the market and i noticed a WordPress theme (was just recently published) looked very similar a HTML template that was created in April 2019. However they are not from the same author. Could this be the they copied the HTML item without permission and turned it into a WordPress theme?

First item:

Second item:

See how they look very similar… Is that even allowed?

I don’t wanna get involved in this by contacting envato or the authors but i thought i might get opinions from here.

Same thing with another item, the same wordpress author seems like he copied it.

Please keep in mind i’m not trying to promote any of these items in the forums.

Very possible that the other author has permission to convert it

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As we can see one item is html template and another one is wordpress theme. So, those are 2 different and may be they have permission (Author Collboration) as like PSD to html/Wordpress or html to wordpress version. Thanks

the patrick one had permission of some sort, since the wordpress link is on the actual html version page. could be a collaboration or something of that nature