Could Someone Help Me Find This Musician's Song?

There is this one song I really love that I’d much rather just buy straight from the musician so that I don’t have to worry about this subscription hassle from Envato. I don’t use it THAT frequently, but I like to use it as background music in my videos.

I believe the artist is “Leon Feleykan”? But the song is called “Positive”, here’s a link to it:

I’ve tried googling for it but I don’t think he’s posted this song anywhere. Probably for legal reasons, I don’t know. I’ve already messaged Envato about it lol (yes, I really like this song lol) but if the artist is around and can just sell me this song individually, I will happily buy it from you!

I really don’t want anything else to do with Envato if everything has to be under a “subscription” basis. Sometimes I just want to buy ONE thing and be done.


OMG! Thank you so much!!

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