Could someone give me a dribbble invitation please?


My account is

I wish to share my works on Dribbble but I can’t, I will send you some beers or purchase your item, it’s not much but that’s all I have, please, someone?

Dribble - Invite~!

I got it in 6 hours by checking this link. It’s better you check it as well


@ki-themes, thank you :slight_smile: but how can I get an invite from that link? could you share me some tips please?


Why need invite as there is signup option too.


yes, I have already registered but need an invite from a Player to upload the shot :slight_smile:



No tips, just follow the links and share your portfolio.
If someone likes your portfolio, he/she will send one invitation


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: but I can’t write comment or do something else, how can I share my portfolio?

  • Follow them on Dribbble
  • Send your portfolio to their email/twitter address
  • Wait for the respond


Thank you for the tips, I will try.


Hi. I registered in Dribbble today and want to upload my themeforest works.

How can I do that?
I heard, that I need an invite.

My profile: (not advert)

Can someone help me? Thanks.



still no invitation, please please someone here :neutral_face:


We have 1 invite - more info: [designers] Dribble invite giveaway!!!