Could not find suggestion area, so ...


I’m just an old grandfather of 10 who buys a few AE Templates to make videos for my grandchildren and sometimes an occasional template because it is just so neat. I keep hoping to find an AE template of a realistic circus train, sounds etc. going down the tracks, through the mountains etc. I’d like to find one with maybe 50 circus cars and on the side of each one would be a faded poster of the animal inside. Then the client (me) just replaces the animal picture with a child, or whatever picture. Hopefully it too would have the faded, distressed, weather beaten look of the original circus poster.

Anyway, I contacted Envato support and the answer they gave me was to post here. If this isn’t the place, sorry. I am not requesting a custom template. I could never afford that. I’m just making a suggestion.

Thanks for your time.