Could I loose my whole theme???

Need some help and advice…

I am waiting to hear back from a brand in respect of using their brand name as “part” of my domain name. (Stupidly because I should have realized sooner).

Assuming they come back and say “back-off” (not allowed to use [brand] (one word). In a perfect world they may say hey! selling our stuff…carry on (we can all wish).

My question is this…

Assuming they say no I cannot use that domain name, even with a huge disclaimer on the home page.

I have purchased the full amazon/woo/kingdom theme and it is all being used to build this new website.

If it all goes “tits-up” (with the domain name) can I use the whole package on a new site since I know some of the licences say one site only. Which I fully understand but in this case there may not be a site but I don’t want to pay for ther whole lot again without having used it fully.

The theme and the woo plugins have already be used to build the site, if I have to close it down, can I re-use my purchased packages?

Pretty obvious who the brand is.

Thanks in advance for any advice/ input.


Assuming that you entirely remove the first site then it should be ok but you may have a headache with registered plugins or items and will need to check with the authors to solve that

On that basis Charlie I only have Kingdom theme which I have in a zip file and the problem will be the woozone I fear.

Thanks for your input.