Could be my template approved? Please help

Hi. I’m new here.Could be my logo template approved for VideoHive? If there is something bad, could you write your opinion? Thank you very very much !
Here is a link:

I’m afraid this will be rejected in the current state. Minimalistic projects need to be executed exceptionally well to be accepted and the movement of this does not fit that description. To me it lacks dynamic smooth movement. You should work on the keyframes / graph a bit more.

Thanks a lot for your advice. I think I see it, but I didn’t realize it before. Thank you very much ! Do you see something more? Isn’t it too basic? For example add more detail, or it’s enough?

Sure it is simple but that is the point of the template, isn’t it? It could be that the reviewer rejects it for being too basic but what is the point in making a simple logo reveal if you end up in adding bunch of things just for the sake of complexity and not for the sake of the quality of the animation.

More isn’t always better. However, maybe one can say simple projects are required to have a higher quality standard - but I think videohive’s standards always ask for high quality nowadays - no matter if you have the complexity on your side.

Yes, you are right, more isn’t always better. I like minimalist logos, but yes, it has to be done very well. I hope reviewers doesn’t say it is too basic. It is good that in Videohive is high quality standard, however it means for me that I need to work harded to get better :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your words! You helped me a lot! Thanks :slight_smile: