Cost to upgrade license from standard to extended?

Hi, let’s say the standard license cost $16 and the extended license cost $80… can I upgrade the standard to the extended at a later time? If so, how much would it cost? Thank you.

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What is the purpose of buying extended license later on and not now?

You may be able to contact support and they may be able to refund your original purchase so you can purchase the extended license straight away. If you have enough funds in your account they should be able to do the swap for you.

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There’s loads of reasons why you might only need a standard license and then need to upgrade. Off the top of my head…

  1. You want to create a motion graphics video for VideoHive using a 3D model from 3DOcean… you want to try it out and run a few tests on the footage before you contact the author and buy an extended license.

  2. You Have a client who specifies their video is for Youtube, so they only need a regular music license, and later they tell you they want to run it on TV.

  3. You don’t want to shell out the extended price before having the chance to double check the item is fit for for purpose. Not too much of an issue when the extended price is three times more, could be a massive issue if you’re buying a Wordpress template!


Our reason is that we’re unsure if the program works at all in our setting or if it’ll be approved by the higher ups, so we’ll have to test it first. So, buying the extended license just to test and when the probability of approval isn’t guaranteed – it can be costly.

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No worries.

I’ve just seen people confuse extended license with “unlimited” use license when taking about programs so wanted to check if you actually needed extended at all

Yes, I got a same situation like this, how can buyer upgrade their license?

Did you ever get an official reply on your topic from Envato?