Cosmetic Mockup Rejected


This is my first item here and it has been HARD REJECTED ,anybody can explain to me why and where is the problems so I can fix them !!

thanks in advance

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What about the background? It’s nice but try to change it with different color.

@odbrand Could you open it Pls, It’s mock-up template So the Background can be change to whatever you want !!!

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Oh sure, sorry I just realize it. I never make “mock-up” product. Yours is awesome I think. Hopefully, you get the solution soon. Good luck @HexenDesigns

Hang on a second…you get Hard Rejected without any indication whatsoever where the problem lies?


Is this common practice here ?

@ra-media YES, Hard Rejected without any reason (this item take a lot of working)
Also they said it’s not at the quality standard!!!

Ok, I’m a 3D artist so I’ll give you some observations from my “perfectionist” point of view:

Firstly don’t use a Black Background anywhere in your presentation, it detracts entirely from the image, use white or grey/gradients.

  1. Not enough reflection overall, it looks too “matte” needs more crisp reflection to give it “zing”

  2. Your refraction looks way out…especially on the hand dispenser bottle, it’s too distorted, it looks wrong

  3. Too many bubbles, they make it look scruffy, good for realism, bad for selling, they look stretched and distorted. If you want bubbles use less and put them on a different layer so the client can choose to use them or not.

  4. The cream in your cream pot doesn’t look real, it looks plastic, it needs more undulations more contours, more reflection, more realism.

  5. The tube looks too distorted, resist realism, keep it clean, and it needs WAY more shine and reflection.

6, Work on your lighting, it’s too uniform and bland, keep it simple, have the lighting coming from one direction highlighting features of the product.


Hope that’s useful, I’m not sure what you can and can’t change in your template as I can’t see the actual mockup file.

Find the best reference you can, search for the highest quality cosmetic mock up and set that as your standard, then try to do it better :wink: