Corrupted and missing Vigil - CCTV Security

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Hello, today I bought a WordPress template (Vigil - CCTV Security) from you. The template is corrupt, not loading and not working. Home II and Home III are missing, no demo, what should I do now? Please do not send me to another person, just fix the problem.
When I bought the product, I was supposed to have 6 months of help, files damaged and missing, and I’m talking to the robot. No support this is, I am asking for a refund of the money paid, I feel very cheated. I believe that money was extorted from me.

My login (username): Piotr13021985

This theme is by @designthemes who are a very highly respected author across all of envato, and it also has a near perfect rating, detailed support information, and the author is replying to item comments.

Authors are responsible for supporting/fixing where necessary any issues with items.

If you follow the steps here or else submit a ticket in the author’s support forum, they are the best people to help.

Note that the author explains that they aim to reply within 24 hours although this cannot be guaranteed, and that support operates Monday to Friday : 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.(IST) UTC/GMT +05:30

The forum is not readable, I do not know how to contact the author, please give him an email address.

What do you mean by ‘not readable’? You have to register before being able to access it.

Otherwise you could use item comments but there’s a good chance the author will still direct you to their forums

Hi Charlie.,

We have received your email. We will directly reply to it. Thanks.

Good morning,

I am a registered user, I have a login and password, I am logged in, I downloaded the file but it does not match the sales description. I made the purchase on 03/13/22.

I am asking for help in this matter.


pon., 14 mar 2022, 05:18 użytkownik themessupport via Envato Forums <> napisał:

I will send you your Wordpress and FTP login and password.


wt., 15 mar 2022, 12:23 użytkownik Piotr Wójcik <> napisał:

I will send you my Wordpress and FTP login and password.


wt., 15 mar 2022, 12:35 użytkownik Piotr Wójcik <> napisał:

@Piotr13021985 - Please let us know the exact issue with some screenshots along with the FTP and admin login details to

Edit: DO NOT share confidential server and login info on the public forum.

Use the email or author support forum