Correct tagging of themes

Lately a lot of themes are tagged incorrectly on ThemeForest, As this is something we rely on when purchasing a theme sometimes this needs to be correct at all times. A lot of examples can be found with themes that are tagged with bootstrap 4 while they don"t even come close and are using 3.x versions. Please Envato, DO SOMETHING about this! Introduce negative karma points or somethings for sellers if they do this. This is false advertisement and basically sometimes this seems to be done on purpose and is just fraud.

When you search as “Bootstrap 4” I believe you see the results for “bootstrap” and “4”, not “bootstrap 4” but you can try this instead

No, i searched correctly and visited each theme page to make sure the tags where incorrect. I then left a comment today on at least 6 themes to notify them that there theme was not tagged correctly because basically i’m sick of it that i have to look at the source code to make sure it’s like advertised! 4 of them have already left a comment back to notify me that they will change it to the correct tags. Happy that they do it, but it shouldn’t be necessary in the first place.