Corporate vs Creative

Hi… What is the difference between themes in the Corporate and Creative categories? I don’t know the difference between the themes in the two categories, either from the type of demo sites or from a functional point of view. For example, Avada and Bridge… Which buyers prefer corporate and which buyers prefer creative?

Themes like Avada and Bridge are ‘multi-purpose’ because the choice of design and elements could cater for any type of website.

In the case of other themes that are created for one of the two categories - it’s about the design, features and functionality on offer that would suit different types of website e.g. corporate (lawyers, finance, business, etc.) .v. creative (designers, studio, photographer, etc.)

I understand what you mean, but there is one thing I don’t understand. Then, in the case of a multipurpose theme, are you saying that it is okay to add it to either category of corporate or creative? Depending on which category you fall into, your sales will be affected.