Corporate Track Rejected

Hello I would appreciate your opinion on this track, it should be clarified that in my opinion it is fine and even better than some approved tracks.

What is your professional advice?


Hello Atlantimusic,
I will talk based on my limited knowledge so I can still be wrong.
I like the main idea of the track. It’s kinda repetitive though, it does not progress too much. It started right away with the beat without a proper intro (should not be long)
Overall it sounds dull and not bright enough. I would work on removing the low end from everything that’s not a kickdrum nor bass. Sidechain the kick to the bass and maybe sidechain the piano a little bit as well.
I would consider adding more sfx elements to accentuate some sections (a reverse cymbal or white noise)
Try adding hi hats/close hats/shakers maybe, they might work well and make the groove better.
The clap/snare sample sounds too weak and can’t sit well in the mix, look for other samples or layer it.
The ending was too sudden, it needs an indicator like a riser (like I said before sfx will help a lot)

I hope that can be a little bit helpful, if you need anything or more explanation let me know right away! :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I think RedLeafMusic already wrote the most important things. I just can second these points. Morevariation would be nice, an overall brighter sound and the beat (except the kick) could be more in the front.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



The idea of the track is fine, as others have said it just doesn’t progress anywhere. Try to have at least 3 sections in your song for progression and variance. After all, most people who use this music are telling some type of story to go with the music. Keep going and good luck :blush:

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  • The issue with the harmonic variation is that it covers another octave range, either transposing or modulating, the atmosphere changes.

  • It is an excellent suggestion about kick the bass and the intro.

  • Now you mentioned the clap, I explain, when analyzing the L / R levels, that is the only way to keep them stable; already in the mastering stage the balance for mono and esterium are fine.

-From its conception it is intended that it should not be bright rather soft, it may be repetitive but if you do a test with any video you will notice that it remains stable, simple, and ultimately useful.

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I thank those who saw this post and took their time to give me an answer.

My best wishes for success in your professional career.