Corporate track rejected, need help!

Hi everyone,

my last track was rejected because it does not meet the general commercial quality standard…

some advices? thank you so much! :slight_smile:

It seems to me that in the sound of an acoustic guitar, there is some kind of problem (phase shifts or something like that), it “floats” through the panorama. In some places, it would be worth correcting the balance of loudness, percussion is louder than necessary. In general, the idea of the track is good, the correct progression of chords, within the genre. I believe that the requirements for the quality of tracks have recently become tougher due to the large number of authors. Perhaps those works that would have taken a year ago are not accepted now). Do not give up!) Cheers!

Thank you so much Lemonello for the reply, very kind! It’s very hard to create something original and commercial at the same time, the chords progression that I used, it’s overused…

maybe the acoustic guitar is too rhythmic?

Thanks for the support, I have a lot of rejections, hope in the next track!)


Limited in popular progressions of chords sometimes causes resentment) But AJ is the same market as pop music market, he needs what is popular and what sells well. We, the authors, are trying to give the maximum of originality from the minimum of popular chords) Acoustic guitar is rhythmic enough. I do not think this is the case. In some libraries of acoustic guitars, where there is a regime of “strummed”, there is also a function of “double-track”. Sometimes it does not work correctly, and as a result, phase distortion results. I’m not 100% sure that in your case the problem is this.But the guitar is worth paying attention to. Check on the phase analyzer.
I listened to the track again, it does not have a bass or very very few.

The strumming guitar is doubled, but I don’t hear something strange in the track, maybe the compression of the mp3 by soundcloud can generate a confused sound…

it’s present in the track a sub bass, maybe the volume is too low…

thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate so much! :slight_smile: