Corporate Music Hardly Rejected ? Feedback would be appreciate it

I’m Really Desperate and Demotivated at this point This is the 3th time my item get rejected ; it could be mixing and mastering or arranging or some sounds sound cheap
Here’s track please let me know if needs only some changes or i should give up and start new one :

Thanks all in advance.

The problem is the bass. It stays at a# note the whole track and barely helps (supports) the melody. All i can hear is a trembling a# bass note all the way. At very minumum the bass should go a# (or c) g4 d#4 to support your melody and give it a positive feel.

So, i would work a little more with the chords (harmonics) and melodics. Other than that, i see no problems.

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thank you so much for you feedback i really appreciate it
if i edit the bass notes and make some changes for melody + optimize mixing would i be able to reuplouad it ?

You are welcome) In my opinion absolutely, yes! As a side note, maybe i would change the sound of a top melody at 0:48 as well, to make it a little softer. All the best!

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Your mixing is very bad. The whole mix sounds very narrow and dirty. Wrong balance of instruments and poor EQin (a lot of resonant frequencies). And yes - bass not moving with the chords.

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Thank you so Enrize

  • i know i’m not good at mixing i switched to Waves plugins and i’m not familiar with it yet
    Thank you so much again