Corporate Kick Sound

We have seen here libraries for muted guitars,harmonics even ukulele. But where do they find that smooth kick sound which is deep,gentle,loud all at the same time?
Any suggetsions for samples or vst ?

The low pass filter is your friend :smile:

You can achieve this with any decent drum library (I use NI Studio Drummer / AR Modern Drummer mainly) with some basic EQ (cut the highs, boost the 80Hz region and some compression to give it a warm sound). This applies to most types of corporate tracks with a driving 4/4 beat.

This is what i looking for, most kick sample too much attack ,.thanks @AurusAudio for the insight

Than you hear nothing on TV or small speakers :slight_smile: Thanks I’ll try.

Also true. You need to strike the right balance. Make sure there are some mids in the kick, too otherwise it will sound loose and boomy :slight_smile:

if you use libraries try Studio drummer ! the session drums has nice smooth kick sounds ! also what @AurusAudio said ! :smiley:

I spent 2 hours to build corporate kick and failed. What type of filter is better to use and how?

Seems like best kept secret in the world :slight_smile:

Indeed.That’s why there aren’t any tutorial about corporate music on YouTube.:smile:

This thread starts to remind me of this:



True! :joy:

I have a Christmas present for you guys- this free kick synth!

With this you can sculpt a kick in whichever way you choose. Check it out! Can’t go wrong with free!

Yes! seems promising :slight_smile:

Maybe this vst from roppapen?

Boost lows with good EQ, turn down volume, cut highs. I believe that’s it.

Thank ypu Santa! It’s realy good!

yeah it sound simple but on practice it’s a little bit difficult :blush: