CoronaGallery- Responsive HTML One Page Portfolio for Photography company rejected

my first project rejected.

please help

Work on typography, and site loading speed is to low.

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First of all i’m not an expert web designer, i’m more programmer , and still i have noted out a lot of things from this. And i do doubt how many other things can a expert web designer point out from this template.

Sorry to say but , there are free and premium featured templates available for free around the web. And this is not at all premium template which can be on this marketplace , apart from fixing the things typography or anything , i would suggest you to delete it and start from zero.

Check around themeforest about html templates, you will see how the authors work on this marketplace. Your template lacks a lot of things

  • Typography
  • alignments
  • irritating borders
  • Round shaped about us thing - old and outdated.
  • Huge slider , which on first page open, it gave me the sense of as some popup is opened and i’m unable to open it.
  • On page load animation not required at all , and it is very much irritating
  • Testimonials section is very much basic , and needs a lot of improvements

Specially typography , slider , one page load animation , border under the titles , team grid needs improvements , and many more things.

This template will never be accepted on themeforest , even if you change typography , it needs a lot of improvements , and it needs little bit of variations as well.

Just do some research on themeforest and you will get it your self , on how this marketplace works.


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please guide me about typography and how i can make it loading faster ?

ok ,thank you

With all due respect:

  • The whole thing feels very 1990s and could do with an overhaul in design

  • Testimonial images are stretched

  • Typography needs works

  • There are margin and spacing inconsistency

  • It lacks anything new or unique in what is an extremely crowed category with some outstanding files in it

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