CorelDraw Artistic Media Tool Centerline Problem

Hello everyone;

I’m trying to convert my hand drawn illustrations into vector with help of a wacom tablet and CorelDraw 2020 software. Tracing is not an option since non of the trace variation results are clean enough and satisfying. So I decided to re-draw everything.
For those who are familiar with CorelDraw will know that the Artistic Media tool is very useful for drawing natural looking lines. I know there are different option (like LifeSketch tool) but personally I prefer the Artistic Media tool.
After redrawing my imported illustrations outlines, I end up with an enormous number of curve objects. Now I have to clean unnecessary nodes and tweak all vector lines.

My problem is The Artistic Media tool creates a preset stroke with a “center line” supposed to make it easier for the user to tweak the stroke but instead turns my working process into hell. In order of cleaning unnecessary nodes, objects, curves and nodes I have to “Break Artistic Media Group Apart” (Ctrl+K) and get rid off all “center lines”! That is no problem with simple Artistic Media drawings since all you have to do is breaking everything apart, select all and “Weld”. But that is not an option if you have a complex drawing. In most cases the majority of center lines don’t even weld and disappear with the overlapping object(s) and/or the nodes of the center lines get connected with other nodes they’re not supposed to.

I tried “Find and Replace” (Ctrl+F) “From Selection” and a variation of different search queries but no result since everything comes from the same source. Everything is a curve, “no fill” outlines, etc… The Object Manager is also no help at all. Is there really no other option then selecting and deleting every single center line separately or what am I doing wrong? Does even a satisfying solution exist?
I’m at the brink of uninstalling CorelDraw and start over everything with Illustrator.Or maybe is there another (better) suitable software I can use to create vector Illustrations.

Thanks a lot for reading and maybe answering, offering a solution for this problem.