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I received an email from copytrack about one of the demo content images that is on my wordpress site. It is the regular email that a lot of people are receiving, saying they want a payment for past image use or payment for future image use. I have purchased many wordpress themes from themeforest, and never received a notice from copytrack. Every time I have purchased a theme, I was in the understanding that I could use the demo content for as long as I can until I was able to update and change the demo content to mine. The developer iqonicdesign is where I purchased this theme from, and I have contacted them regarding this problem. I have been told by several people that copytrack is a scam to ignore them. At the time I read their email, I was put in shock and replied telling them about the demo content image was part of my wordpress theme, And that I have been very sick abd wasn’t able to update and change the demo content. I have been able to delete the image and will delete this theme. What are your thoughts?

You might get more help in the Themeforest group.

I’m not familiar with Copytrack, nor do I know what the policy is for using an image in a demo. Sorry!


Can I use images provided in demo content on my website?
NO - the clue is in the wording “demo content”. It shows you what a website can look like with images, but mostly authors do not have the rights to redistribute these. If the purchase does and you choose to use them , then any implications that may arise will be your responsibility not the authors.

My advice is to delete or change any of the images as quickly as possible, making a note of when you removed them (date and time). Delete them from your server too.

With regards to emails from such companies, you have two choices - ignore the email and simply remove the images online, and source either paid for images, or images via places that you can screenshot details saying you can use these as long as you …

Second choice - ignore the email from these companies, and it is an expensive risk for them to take you to court. Yes they might hound you with threatening sounding emails and promises of lawyers and claims galore, but in truth its very difficult and expensive for companies to claim copyright infringments.

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