Copyrights, permission, and all between...

Hello, i have some questions about legal build and design, also about copyrights. i will happy if someone can answer those confusing issues.


I have a client, that want me build and design him some website, not website that visitors need to pay to see something, something like display his product, or some Corporate website.

1, If i buy a theme from enveto, then i can charge the client for my service (changing the layout, colors, logos, configure the site for his needs)?

2, Can i put in the footer or in other section: “design&build by…”?

  1. Now let’s say, after i finish my job/service, the client want that i deleiver him the files, that he will take care by himself, i need to give him the modificated site and the original zip that i buy from enveto?

  2. If i have another client that he want also the same, i can charge him also or i need to buy another theme?

A Regular License should be fine as the visitors won’t need to pay for viewing/using the site.

Sure you can!

I’d vote against doing that. The author is the copyright holder of the item and by saying the design, code etc by you you’re claiming to be the theme owner which could be a violation. But I could be wrong.

Pass the files on to your client and delete them from your machine. As per this FAQ:

You need a new license for each client. From the license page:

Hope this helps!

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  1. i am sure (99,9%) thats totally fine edit the footer as you want to match it your needs.
    according to certain rules, depends on your country, you are need to mention graphic sources etc, here is a good spot to mention the author, but still no need for. so its up to you.
    honestly as buyer i don’t want any weird names or external links to some authors shops or portfolios. (correct me here if i am wrong)

Yes you can edit the theme to match your needs, nobody disagrees here, but the author might not appreciate saying the design is yours. Would you like that?

Neither do I. I would just remove that part. Pretty sure that would be allowed.

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totally agree, but authors should be don’t worry about that, because they get money. its different with free themes obv.
furthermore the author and theme information are still in the theme files, just not public on the first level like in the footer.

Of course they do get money, yet they still retain ownership of their items. This discussion has been raised several times in the old forums, just took a quick look, some authors said they didn’t really care, and some of them said that buyers should respect their copyrights.

Nobody is ever required to mention or credit the author on the end product. The point is not to claim the ownership of the entire item.

I’ve seen people put “Website by CUSTOMERNAME - Theme by dtbaker” in their footer.

I’ve also seen people put “Website maintained by CUSTOMERNAME” in their footer.

I’ve also seen people put “Website design create by CUSTOMERNAME” in their footer. And they might have tweaked some of the design like the header or background graphic. Sure fine, whatever.

Most people just put nothing at all.

I’m totally fine with whatever the customer wants to do, but other authors will be different.

Thanks all for you kind information, very helpfull.

No you are not allowed to resell the item as stock, even after modifying it. Anyone who does this gets in trouble. Please read the license page again:

So, for example, if i customize, change, make a site for a client base on theme i bought, can i display it on my portfolio ? like sites i build/design?

its no problem and you can display it in your portfolio.

Thank you very much!