Copyrighted Material in Previews

I have a question concerning the guidelines for copyrighted material within screenshots / live previews.
I read the official documentation but I am still a little confused.

My question is this,
can I have copyrighted material such as movie trailers / artwork within my screenshots and live previews if I do not include it with the downloadable files?

For example if I wished to embed a movie trailer from youtube into my live preview, would this be allowed?

Thanks :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t include the materials inside of the theme file, you can use them but copyrighted items may not be suitable for usage even it’s for preview but in that case, theme reviewers will ask you to remove the content

( youtube links are OK )

As with any content for your preview images… if you have permission to use footage or imagery from the copyright owner, the content is in the public domain, you’ve made it yourself, or you have licensed the content for commercial use… then you can use whatever you want. So when it comes to movies, the most likely answer is no, you can’t.