I wrote to Envato before concerning authors using FIFA and WORLD CUP and OLYMPICS in the item titles as it infringes on copyright. It seems that either Envato did not do anything or authors updated the item decription post review. I was told that it was a big no due to copyright. Is it okay now to use these words in titles?


Hi @gballx!

You’re correct - both FIFA and the Olympics are trademarked, and both those owners are quite litigious about protecting their trademarks.

I’ve just checked the World Cup trademarks, and they’re listed here - there are a lot of terms that can’t be used in item titles! The full list is:

FIFA World Cup
World Cup
World Cup 2022
Copa Mundial
Coupe Du Monde
Qatar 2022
قطر 2022
فيفا وورلد كوب
كأس العالم 
وورلد كوب 2022
Expect Amazing — the official slogan

Our Integrity team acts on every report - if they discover that Trusted Updates are being abused to add trademarked terms to approved items, there are a range of penalties they can apply to stop this.

If you see items doing this, please open a support ticket with Envato Author Support (selecting Copyright and trademarks for the ticket type) and provide links to those items - we’ll take care of it from there.


A search of “world cup” shows there are about 20 items with that in the name right now.

Come on authors make the change. The title check should have been done during review as mine were changed at this stage by my item review when I had used these terms during “Brazil World Cup”.

“Olympic” is still popular in item titles.

Sorry to be a killjoy here but I have now contacted support about this and pointed to some examples of the trademark concern. I too used these titles when I originally uploaded tracks but the reviewer promptly changed the titles of items explaining that there were trademark and copyright concerns. I completely understand the need to change the title and I accept the change in search term. The reason I raised this post was that some authors have an unfair advantage using these titles when others have made the neccessary change to the title.

It has been 3 days when I posted this concern but still, as we speak authors have not amended their titles. Maybe they have not seen this yet, who knows - this is a gentle prompt.

Your dedication to protect FIFA’s abusive trademarks is a bit odd. What’s going on here?

This is not about protecting FIFA and their trademark. This is about consistency in implementation of rules. If my items had to be renamed because of rules and legalities, then I think it should apply to everyone else. I have created football and athletic orientated items and having these trademarks within the title would have surely increased the chances of a sale. Sadly having the items renamed has led to a demotion of ranking in the search results.
Just want a consistent playing field although authors do love to game the system and Envato does not enforce it’s rules or they do not know what stratergies are taking place. Protecting FIFA? No trying to protect some level of income from my work.


Fair enough.

In that case, unfortunately you’d have better luck protecting your level of income by using those trademarked words, than by trying to police this jungle. Envato is not about fair playing field, as they’ve shown over the years.

My guess is any legal responsibilities would be on Envato. It’s their platform and they’re supposed to curate their library.


It’s been two weeks since I raised this issue and about two weeks since I notified author support. What has changed…nothing, those tracks with breaches of trademark and copyright are still appearing in the search results - I guess this is not important to Envato. Not happy as I am missing out on possible sales.

4 Weeks since I originally posted about this topic and still nothing has changed. It could be my browser that has not updated itself after clearing the cache but I doubt this is the issue. What’s going on Envato - you are either concerned with copyright and trademark infringment or you are not. The World Cup is only a few weeks away and I have relevant items to sell as I need to make up for buyers keeping away from the market since you implemented your shiny Elements link on AudioJungle.
If I had to rename my items then so should those who infringe established brands. Equal playing field please. @BenLeong

Contacted support a couple of times and still no change.
Also “Olympic Games” is worse.

Graham, I hardly doubt the staff cares about this at all. If they are rejecting your renaming requests or soft-rejecting new items, then that’s really unfair as there are tons of items with names like “World Cup FIFA Soccer” all around, and by very well known Elite, and Elements authors.

As long as it keeps putting some money in their pockets, who cares, this market has its days counted anyway. I have a few soccery tracks my self. Maybe it’s renaming season? Have you tried? Becuase I don’t think those “FIFA World Cup Qatar Soccer” tracks are going anywhere anytime soon.


I just annoys me that my tracks were renamed by the reviewers which is fair enough as I infringed on well known brands but it really sucks when you look at the search results and see how many tracks that have naughty titles. Oh well, Envato again shows us authors who abide by the rules and T&C’s that we are in fact suckers.

Oh, didn’t know that was that case. That sucks and it’s absolutely unfair. All those tracks containing terms like “World Cup” “FIFA” “Qatar” and such are already making decent sales. @BenLeong , with all due respect, the “integrity team” doesn’t really need fancy links or tickets, it’s just a matter of typing those words on the search and zip-zap, problem solved.

Anyway, nothing new under the sun, but it’s quite annoying to see all members of the staff deploy all over the Elements forum to solve queries in minutes and ignoring everything that goes on this side of the fence…

It is what it is.


Indeed. They could solve the problem very quickly when it comes to the most obvious cases if they really wanted to. A huge event like the world cup being one.

Thank you Envato for now fixing this issue.


@gballx Sorry for the delay in getting this resolved - around 80 items were removed from AJ yesterday for trademark infringements.

For the Integrity team that handles these requests, a lot of their workflow is based on the support ticketing and triage system - so it’s important to note that the best method for raising this is still opening a ticket with specific details and links. When staff are working through a mountain of support tickets, “just go and search for the items” isn’t a reasonable expectation - they’re often going flat out just to keep the response and resolution times down at reasonable levels, and they may not have time to pick up an open-ended task for further exploration.


Well, maybe that’s not an efficient way to work. How can the team warrant any “integrity”, if they solely rely on tickets from authors complaining about other authors?
Surely there must be other ways to deal with such issues.


How does a title,“FIFA World Cup” get approved at the reviewing process? Do the reviewers know the rules regarding trademarks in titles. Track recently approved - I submitted a ticket to support. To those who object to the complaining I do not care - rules are rules and we allmust follow them.


Come on Envato - what is this? @BenLeong


“Olympic” crops on on Elements. I have reported this but Envato really needs to curate it’s library. I guess it is down to authors to clean this town up. I can only imagine the potential sales I and others have lost due to Elements “allowing” these titles.

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Come on Envato - the football tournament will be over before the integrity team looks into the naming of items as well as Envato’s own tags - a bit of an own goal or do we await VAR decision?

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