Copyright text in footer on purchaised item can I edit text to my own needs?

Hi guys I have purchased script well 1 of many. I would like to edit footer to match my own site so it looks more proffecional. I’m not reselling this script or selling any membership with this script. It’s used 100% free by my members only.

Can I edit this footer I looked in envato guide but can’t find anything.

As I said it’s used by my members for free and Im not making any money from it I just want it to look part of my site rather then add on.

Thank you

yes, you can edit footer according to your need but you can’t resell or redistribute the end product with your own copyright. for example you bought a script and use that one for your website then in footer of your website you can add/edit copyright text for your website. main things the main script always belongs to the original author own copyright. Also each purchased license will be valid for a single end product (domain/website).

Hi Thanks for reply. So baisicly I will not get in trouble if I remove authors website and add my own website in footer copyright section as long as I don’t resell and I only use it on 1 domain correct ?

Thank you

yes, you can for your website.

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