Copyright strike from Epidemic Sound saying my AudioJungle license is no good

Epidemic Sound made a copyright strike against me on YouTube. They insist that my license from AudioJungle is not legal. They are in Sweden. I am in the US. I wrote them that, as an attorney (which I am), they can’t just SAY that, they have to PROVE that. Does anyone else know about this? It seems like we’re communicating directly without YouTube involvement at the moment, but the strikes are against my videos. They say my license is no good. Thoughts?

Wait you got copyright from epidemic sound? That’s another royalty free music website. Are you sure it’s music from here?

YES. I have a license and spoke to the artist and AudioJungle both. The song is no longer on AudioJungle but they maintain my license is still good. I received yet another letter from them telling me the song is no longer on AudioJungle but my license is STILL good. Epidemic Sounds says otherwise. I told them they need to prove it to me as AudioJungle maintains that even if the song is no longer here, my license is still good. Epidemic Sound has another position. I said you have to prove to me that the music is 100 percent yours or that its removal from AudioJungle is BECAUSE it belonged to Epidemic Sound. One of them is wrong and I need to know which one. I attempted to paste my license here, but the post is in moderation.