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I own a website (Greeting Card) and wanted to purchase some music to play with the cards sent. Is this within the terms of use for the music purchased? I’m not posting music for sale, only to accompany cards. Cards can be sent via email, twitter, Facebook, etc.

Any help would be great as I’ve been waiting for a few days now after two mails and no response. Time is of importance as I’d like to do a soft launch!

If the music is used in one model of Greeting card and is the same for Email, twitter, Facebook, etc you are good to go with up to 10,000 copies buying the Standard License or if you want more, you need to buy Music Mass Reproduction License.

You can find all the info here

However, if the cards sent out are customized or personalized, then the licensing model at Envato would require you to buy a new license for each card sent out, as they would each be considered as a different end-product.


Sorry, that makes no sense to me whatsoever, it’s an unsustainable model to suggest a new license would be required each time a card was sent, no one would offer musical cards were this to be the case

I can understand the previous response with the limitation of 10,000 unless additional licensing was purchased. Thanks for that information

It may not be the right marketplace for what you need but I think @PurpleFog is right - the license states:

Yes, of course this model doesn’t make sense and would be unsustainable for your type of use, this is because the AJ licensing model simply is not aimed at this type of use, and in fact specifically prohibits it as @charlie4282 mentioned.

The 10,000 copies rule @MeGustaMusic brought up is valid for exact copies of a same end-product, not customized versions.

Sorry it’s not what you want to hear, but the terms are pretty clear on this one.


“Learn you Licence day”:rofl: I don’t even understand them myself. Thanks @PurpleFog !

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