copyright in different countries

hello everyone, I would like to buy an audio to put at the top of my website, which is dedicated to show information about the best speakers available, but I want to know if there is a problem with copyright in different countries?

All tracks on here have copyrights! Please don’t confuse potential buyers with such false assertions. If you think royalty-free means “no copyright”, I suggest you learn about the basics of your job!

@bertux77, not sure what you mean exactly, but the license is valid worldwide and works for every country.


Oh! i’m so sorry! I was so confused! I didn’t mean to say “no copyright”… but royalty free… yesterday was a tough day… apologizes!

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Hey there, perhaps it would be a good idea a to edit your post and remove that false claim about copyright. Some people don’t read beyond the first or second post.

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very good idea! thanks @firstnote :slight_smile: