Copyright claim on YouTube by Superlala X LC-48671 Rafael Krux on Orchestralis music from Envato

I downloaded a sound track from envato elements from the author: Orchestralis
Now the music is getting a content ID claim on Youtube from certain Superlala X LC-48671 stating the musician is Rafael Krux.

I think this problem has happened to other users as well. And I want to know why is this happening? And YouTube has not yet accepted the dispute claim by me.

I mentioned the license details that I got from elements envato.

@Orchestralis please do the needful or let me know why is this happening?

The music is this one: Item Title: Ambient Relaxing China Pipa
Item URL: Download Ambient Relaxing China Pipa Royalty Free Music Track

and this one : Item Title: Inspiring China Guzheng
Item URL: Download Inspiring China Guzheng Royalty Free Music Track

And my video is: 6 วัน เที่ยวจีนเอง 🇨🇳 หลงเซิ่ง หยางซั่ว กุ้ยหลิน กว่างซี (ฉบับรวม) | 6 days in Guangxi, China - YouTube
Please Let me know, Thank you.


Thank you for your message, for choosing our music in your videos and my apologies for the inconvenience!

I submitted your video for clearing and your channel for whitelisting so that you don’t get any copyright claims for using our music in your videos in the future. Please allow up to 24h for the system to update and claim to be cleared.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask thru our email [email removed]

Thank you again for being our customer!

All the best,
Rafael Krux

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Thank you for your reply, the claim has just been released on youtube.

Thank you for composing such nice music.