Copyright claim on YouTube by Superlala X LC-48671 Rafael Krux on Orchestralis music from Envato

I downloaded a sound track from envato elements from the author: Orchestralis
Now the music is getting a content ID claim on Youtube from certain Superlala X LC-48671 stating the musician is Rafael Krux.

I think this problem has happened to many. I want to know why is this happening?
And YouTube has not yet accepted the dispute claim by me. I mentioned the license details that I got from elements envato.

@Orchestralis please do the needful or let me know why is this happening?
The music is this one: Download Emotional Cello Royalty Free Music Track

And my video is: What is your promise to others this holy month? - YouTube

Let me know.

@Orchestralis you also want to remove the “our music is contentID free” banner from your profile page. This lame statement is not allowed, as it implies ContentID is a bad thing and not using it would be an advantage over the responsible music authors who do register. More importantly, since actually you are using ContentID indeed, this banner is just straight up lying to your customers.

Sometimes clients use music or sound effects to create an end product and then register it with a Content ID. You will likely need to wait a month before the claim is released automatically. They rarely answer. When you submit a claim, all revenue from your video will be withheld and then given to you upon claim release.
There was a case when I received a claim about the sound of rain and some other sounds.

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Thank you for your message, for choosing our music in your video and my apologies for the

I submitted your video for whitelisting, please allow up to 24h for the system to update and the claim to be released.
If you happen to get any claims in the future for using our music, you can definitely contact us directly at

Thank you again for your patience!

All the best,
Rafael Krux

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I am having the same problem with one of my videos. You have denied my appeal on a video I used one of your tracks and I have a legitimate license to use it. I do not appreciate this inconvenience.

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Hello Judah,

Just replied to your email, thank you again for your patience!

All the best,
Rafael Krux

I also got a claim I sent you and email.

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@gaaldani13 just replied! Thank you again!