Copyright breach

Hello, sorry for my bad english I’m Italian! The consortium of Parma ham, has made an advertising video using your music with the voice watermark. The video is used as an advertisement and is visible on the famous newspaper “La Repubblica” …here is the link

Hey there. You’ll have to send them a DMCA. Here’s a guide on how to do it. Cheers!


No! If you are interested do I yourself, I do not write and speak well in English. I have given you an information use it as you please

Meat ruined it .:smile:

Sorry. Only the owner of the item can do that! :slight_smile:

But it is so hard to understand? They have used your music with the watermark to make a commercial advertising for a famous Italian ham consortium. They discharged with the watermark and they used to not spend 30 € … a company that does business for millions.
I am not the owner of anything! I just provided to you this information the link is public and on the internet.

Envato / AudioJungle does not own the music, nor do they publish it. They only offer it on the website for licensing on behalf of the song owner. The person who wrote the song or a legal representative are the only ones who can handle this. Unless Envato can tell who the composer is by listening to the song, without a song name or composer’s name, there is nothing they can do since there is no way for them to inform the composer if they don’t know who it is.


But Envato could at least claim the copyright-violation of the „watermark-girl“ in the preview.
Sorry, just being ironic.
@ Canzonando: Thank you for informing about the abuse. The theft of music is a very big problem.
I understand that in this case Envato can not do much.
Nevertheless, one should appreciate every hint. Especially as an author.

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