Copyright at bottom of themes!

So, I am a buyer. I bought a theme for me no for anybody else but for me this is the situation.

at the bottom I wrote copyrighted 2015 to ____________ name website________ designed by name of website i put up when i do small just with templates from themify easy 5 pages website…

is that a violation of the author theme? I mean he saw it and he got offended… and told me if I wanted support (that i am paying for) I better take it down and then he may help me with my problem I wanted fixed on his theme.

advice please

Morally it is questionable; but legally you are fine to do this and really the author cannot refuse support (assuming the purchase was within the last 6 months and they do ‘support the file’) for this reason

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See I am an old folk I bought the theme to allow old people upload pictures of their dogs… I know how to install a theme and a plugin author got mad because i used caps I explained I am almost blind and now writing my font has to be big in order for me too see.

this is his text:

Also, You’ve changed the color with a pink color and now the Design is created by yourself? Designed by Delliott Web Design = if the design is created by yourself, it means you are a Web Designer, so hiding elements is something simple for you.

This is somehow embarrassing and more asking for support.
You can always add Copyright:

Perhaps you should read something about #copyright #webdesing and then ask me again about “if is bad or wrong”.

After you delete, the copyright text, I’ll take a look and give you the code how to hide an element.

I have my granddaughter help me a bit but we do not know code all i need is a little code to hide something in his theme. needles to say I just bought theme 2 days ago and he is very rude and not that helpful. + he googled my granddaughter name and found my great granddaughter videos on youtube… and ask if that was she… really no good I apologized for the caps is now and we are waiting on code maybe he will give it to us tomorrow.

Personally, I think the author of the theme may have had a bad day.

There is a difference though between ‘designed’ and ‘developed’.

I am partially in agreement with the author but I think he went about it wrong, especially in declining support.

You as the buyer have the option to do what you want with the theme so long as it’s within the terms of Envato.

You did not design the theme, and in my opinion stating ‘designed by’ is indicating that.

Though with a little word-play, you can say ‘developed by’ which means you developed things, not designed it.

We see our buyers regularly re-selling our theme to their clients (whether they’re aware of that fact or not).

Some have included ‘designed by’ and many have used ‘developed by’ (which we’d prefer out of the two).

Just my two cents but as the other commenter said, it’s morally questionable and a hard one to answer for sure!

Kind regards,
Bryce Wisekal